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Paybilt is the leading provider of alternative payments in Canada.

Paybilt focuses on the payment methods that you care about. We re-engineer and build simplified and easy-to-love payment products for today's consumer.

Be yourself.

With Paybilt, you maintain control over consumer touchpoints. Your brand is everywhere, not ours.

Be supported.

We know that there's no such thing as "business hours" when you need us. We go the extra mile, every day.


The days of "good enough" are over.

The Red Queen hypothesis tells us that species which do not evolve - as their competitors evolve - ultimately cease to exist. If you're not innovating, updating, and improving, you're not just failing to advance, you're falling behind. Evolve or die, words to live by.


Organic growth, humble roots.

Paybilt is not the peacock of the payment world. Rather, we're a colony of worker bees, preferring to quietly provide a payments backbone for emerging companies. We've grown largely based on reputation, referrals, and a commitment to our principles. If that sounds good to you, we'd love to do business.


How do we do that?

We do it by anticipating your needs and treating our clients the way we wish payment providers would have treated us when we were retailers. We know what it's like to hear a convincing sales pitch - but once you sign up, you never hear from them again. You deserve better, that's why we're committed to making each interaction the best it can be, every time.

Easy Integration

Our payment API is well-documented and we are standing by to assist your team every step of the way. We also provide custom endpoints, so you can pull data from us too - if that better suits your needs.

We Aim High

Never satisfied to simply meet requirements, Paybilt always seeks to exceed expectations and raise the bar. Our philosophy of under-promising and over-delivering makes us stand out in an apathetic payment world.


Through our innovative approach, we're constantly creating industry trends. With Paybilt by your side, you'll always have the payment methods your customers want to use - today, tomorrow and into the future.

International Reach

Paybilt makes it easy for international companies to do business in Canada. We created our sophisticated payment infrastructure so that you can focus on what you do best - your business.

Scaling With You

Whether you're a startup or a multi-national enterprise, we are experienced in dealing with businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help you grow, and that's why we're committed to offering the services that exceed your expectations.

Full Dashboard

We know data drives your business - we help augment your existing data through our platform and tools. Perform detailed searches, export transaction data, track trends and more.

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